You're in my box. How can I help you?

About me

Hi, I'm Mari. I'm 17 years old, and I like to draw, write, and play video games. There's not too much else to know about me other than the fact that I like to pretend that I live inside a box. Some of my favourite games are Pokemon, and Monster Hunter. You can blame my friends for getting me into such games. But I enjoy it nonetheless.

My real name is Maria Fernanda, which I call myself 'Mari' for a shorter and more desirable name than my original, despite the subtle change. My background is not one I'm proud of, so altering it even the slightest is the best thing I can do to make myself more memorable. I have started to get a liking for drawing when I was young, but I never truly developed it until 7th grade, where I had little background and little exposure to any guidance to be set on a path to improve. I'd always look up to artists I see on forums of my favourite games. What sparked my ambition to be better is seeing a fanart forum for an MMORPG I played at the time and wishing to be as good as they were. I entered an art contest for the forum, but was never acknowledged. The frustration and sorrow of that kindled my desire to get better. With high performance fluctuation, I took a long time to improve to how I am now, and I am happy with my progress. I can place myself within the elites, but among them, I still place myself among the bottom of them. I am still not satisfied in where I am today, and still focus on trying to improve myself whenever I get the inspiration. For my writing, it started to develop when I have taken interest in the acting, where I've started writing my own stories and even doing little roleplays with my friends. Again, I started from ground zero, and started with three lines of action at a time, until I met more people to further inspire me, where I have become better and can perform paragraphs after paragraphs of action. I admit I can still better myself, and I do inspire myself to improve from time to time.

With both of these arts, I have attended minimal schooling, where I have attended a local art school for a week before becoming unable to attend further. So I fueled my skills by watching artists on YouTube which have passion for their teaching, with three in specific that I love to watch. As for my writing, I have improved through mere observation. I have not learned very much creative writing from school, for creative writing was one of the least touched upon subjects in an English Class. The simple advice that has taken me as far as it has was thinking about how a scene would come to be, and figuring out how to translate it.

I hope to use this mini website to not only express my personality, but showcase my projects done in class and outside, to mark a stamp of progress into records, to perhaps show later on and advance further. I also wish to use this display to compare my progress as the years pass. Success can never be told apart if a starting point is never remembered.

Here, you can see the things I do -- be it hobby or for class. I hope you enjoy your stay in my box. Just don't flip it over.

What I do

My best craft is my creative writing rather than my drawings. I often combine them to make stories of my own and share them with friends. However, I have only gotten as far as writing in paper and pen as well as only writing specific scenes of certain stories that I have in mind for development.